Wally Febey's Set Tune

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T:Wally Febey's Set Tune
S:collected from Wally Febey, Devonport, Tas
S:collected by Rob Willis, NLA Bib ID 734702
H:This is a version of the "Boston Two Step" by Luke Cavendish Everett,
H:published in 1908.
B:David De Santi (ed), "Australian Traditional Dance Tunes", Vol 2, p16
"G"g2dB2A|BdBG2A|B2A "C"GFE|"G"D3D2B,|"C"CCC C2D|"D"c2A F2E|1 DED G2B|"G"d3d2d:|2DED B2A|"G"G3-G2D||
"G"EFE DGB,|D2B, D2G|"Am"FEC A,2C|E3E2F|"D"D2FA2B|c2A F2E|"G"DGB, G2B|d3"D7"d2d|
"G"gbg d2A|BdBG2A|B2A "C"GFE|"G"D3D2B,|"C"CCCC2D|"D"c2A F2E|DEDB2A|"G"G6|]

Wally Febey's Set Tune - played by Ray Mulligan

Additional Information

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