What a Wonderful Place is Australia

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T:What a Wonderful Place is Australia
% NFF Book 2020
% Bush Traditions recording played by Bill Case and Maureen Aston
S:collected from Bill Case and Maureen Aston, Mt Gambier, SA
S:Rob Willis Collection, NLA Bib ID: 256645
Z:transcribed & arranged by Madeleine Johnson, Sept 2019
O:Australia, SA, Mt Gambier
z2|:G3F|"C"(3EEE E>D C>C B,>C|"Dm"D2A,4 D>C|"G"(3B,B,B, B,>A, (3G,B,G, A,>B,|G,6 G>F|
"C"(3EEE E>D C>C D>E|"Dm"D4A,2D>C|"G"(3B,B,B, B,>A, G,>F E>D|"C"C6 B,>C|
"G"D2B,2G,2F2|"C"(3EEE E>DC2B,>C|"G7"(3DED (3B,DB, G,2F2|"C"E6B,>C|
"G"(3DED (3B,DB,G,2F2|"C"(3EEE E>D C2B,>C|"G" (3DDD (3DED C2 B,>C|"G7"D6:|
GF|"C"EE ED CC DE|"Dm"D4A,2DC|"G"B,B, B,A, G,G, A,^F|"G7"G,6GF|
"C"EE ED (3CDC DE|"Dm"D2 D>FA,2DC|"G"B,B, B,A, G,F ED|"C"C6B,C|
"G"D2B,2G,2F2|"C"EE/F/ ED C2B,C|"G"DD B,B, G,G, FF|"C"E6B,C|
"G"D2B,2G,2F2|"C"E2EDC2B,C|"G"DD D2"C"CD/C/ B,C|"G7"D6G>F|
"C"E>E E>D C>C D>E|"Dm"(3DA,D (3FDF A,2D>C|"G"B,>B, B,>A, (3G,A,G, (3A,B,A,|"G7"G,6G>F|
"C"E>E E>D C>C D>D|"Dm"(3DA,D A,4D>C|"G"B,>B, B,>A, G,>F E>D|"C"(3CEG (3AGEC4||

What a Wonderful Place is Australia - played by Bill Case and Maureen Aston

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