White Cockatoo (The)

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T:The White Cockatoo
T:The Hopscotsh Polka
% NFF Book 2006
S:collected from Stan Treacy, Limerick, NSW
S:collected by Dave de Hugard
B:Stringybark & Greenhide, Vol 5, No 4, P7
N:Just for the record this is a straight version of "The Hopscotch Polka" from the
N:1950s. Stan, like most traditional players didnt care where a tune came from,
N:as long as it was a good one. The first part of this tune is derived from
N:a Scottish tune called the 'White Cockade' from 1802 - Dave de Hugard -
O:Australia, NSW, Goulburn
G|:"G"B2B2 cBAG|"G"B2d2d3G|B2B2 cBAG|"D7"B2A2A3A|
"G"B2B2 cBAG|B2d2 "Em"g3e|"D"d4 c3A|1 "G"B2G2G2A2:|2"G"B2G2G4||
|:"Em"B2e2 edef|g2e2e3d|"D"A2d2 d^cde|f2d2d3A|
"Em"B2e2 edef|g2e2e2 ga|"Em"b2b2 "D"a2a2|"Em"g2e2e4:|

The White Cockatoo - played by Greg O'Leary

Additional Information

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