Flying Pieman

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T:Flying Pieman
S:collected from Herb Gimbert, Sydney, NSW
S:by John Meredith
H:William Francis King found renown as the flying piemen.
H:Born in London in March 1807, he arrived in Sydney in 1829.
H:William was a gifted athlete and performed many amazing
H:athletic feats, mainly walking long distances. While working
H:as a pieman he would sell pies to passengers boarding the
H:Parramatta ferry, then run to Parramatta, a distance of some
H:18 miles, and offer them the unsold pies as they got off the ferry.
H:More detail of King and his exploits can be found on the web.
N:John Meredith records that the tune used by Gimbert was based on
N:a tune that he learned from his grandmother, a Mrs Byrnes
N:who was born in Australia of Irish parents.
N:The Fiddlers Companion ascribes its origin to "The Masque",
N:a Plaford tune which morphed into "The Frost Is All Over".
N:Several variants were collected in Australia. It turns up as: 
N:- Orley Bensons 	'Set Tune'
N:- Harry Schaefers’ 	‘Lancefield Quadrille No 5’
N:- Alf Radunz 		‘What would you do if the Billy Boiled Over'
N:- Harry Cotter's 	‘Moriarty’s Jig’
N:- Harry Cotter’s 	‘Billy Boiled Over'
N:- Joe Cashmere's	‘What would you do if the Billy Boiled Over’
B:Kerr's Collection of Merry Melodies, Vol 1, p39, No 35
B:Folk Songs of Australia, Vol 1, p157, ISBN 0 86840 002 5
B:Bush Dance, Ed D.Johnson, ISBN 0 9599528 1 0
O:Australia, NSW, Sydney
A|"D"def d2B|A2AF2E|D2AA2A|"A7"Acd e2A|
"D"def d2B|A2AF2E|D2AA2A|"A7"ABc "D"d2::!
e|"D"f2a afd|"G"g2b baf|"D"f2aa2f|"A7"f2ee2e|
"D"f2a afd|"G"g2b baf|"D"fgf "A7"edc|"D"d3d2:||

Flying Pieman - played by Greg O'Leary

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