NFF Book 2006 Tunes

Listed below are recordings of each of the tunes from the "NFF Book 2006", played by Greg O'Leary (unless tagged otherwise). Each tune has a link to the mp3 file on the name, and an inline audio player for that tune (provided you have a recent browser with support for this).

1. Bert Jamieson's Set Tune No 3 (notation)

2. Yellow Rose of Texas (notation)

3. Four Corners (notation)

4. Sid Briggs Lead Up (notation)

5. Stan Treacy's First Set Tune (notation)

6. River Boat (notation)

7. John McKinnon's Grand Chain Lancers Tune (notation)

8. Sweet Marie (notation)

9. Norm McConnell's Lancers Set Tune (notation)

10. Rita Baker's First Set Tune (notation)

11. Herb Gimbert's Jig (notation)

12. Harry Cotter's Jig (notation)

13. Honest John (notation)

14. Charlie Batchelor's Lost Jig (notation)

15. Bonnie Scotland (notation)

16. Charlie Over The Water (notation)

17. The Wedding of Lochan McGraw (notation)

18. I Will Buy Shoes For You (notation)

19. Bert Jamieson's "Lancers" Set Tune No.4 (notation)

20. Bill McGlashan's Jig (notation)

21. The Weird Jig (notation)

22. The Old Set (notation)

23. Ben Cherry's Mazurka (notation)

24. Jack Kevans Mazurka (notation)

25. Mum's Mazurka (notation)

26. Sally Sloane's Mazurka (notation)

27. Stan Treacy's "G" Mazurka (notation)

28. Bill McGlashan's Polka (notation)

29. Bill Cooper's Polka (notation)

30. Rita Baker's Polka (notation)

31. Ochnee Ochen Sue (notation)

32. God Bless You and Bugger Me (notation)

33. School Polka No 1 (notation)

34. Fred Holland's Mudgee Schottische (notation)

35. Harvest Moon Schottische (notation)

36. The Sweetheart Schottische (notation)

37. Thomas Conlon's Schottische (notation)

38. Australian Jim (notation)

39. Jim Seymour's Barn Dance (notation)

40. Harry Axford's Schottische (notation)

41. Eb Wren's Schottische (notation)

42. Loge and Vivvy's Schottische (notation)

43. Queer Fella's Schottische (notation)

44. Harry's Favourite Shotease (notation)

45. Paddy Godden's Lilted Schottische (notation)

46. Stan Treacy's Schottische (notation)

47. Clem O'Neales Rocking Schottische (notation)

48. The Sea Shells Schottische (notation)

49. Moonan Flat 1st Set Tune (notation)

50. Athol's Father's Set Tune (notation)

51. The White Cockatoo (notation)

52. Tom Walsh's Set Tune (notation)

53. The Black Cat Piddled in the White Cat's Eye (notation)

54. The Old Tap Dance (notation)

55. Uncle Affies' Tap (notation)

56. Doddy Murphy's First Set Tune (A) (notation)

57. Bert Jamieson's Set Tune No 2 (notation)

58. Dolphy's Set Tune (notation)

59. Jack and Lil (notation)

60. Joe Yates Skillett Pot (notation)

61. Blackwattle Reel (notation)

62. Frank Collins' Second Reel (notation)

63. Colin Charlton's Reel (notation)

64. The Old Schoolmaster (notation)

65. Jackarse Eat It On The Way (notation)

66. Joe Yates' Varsoviana No 1 (notation)

67. Joe Yates' Varsoviana No 2 (notation)

68. Joe Yates' Varsovianna No 3 (notation)

69. Ma Seal's Varsovienna No 1 (notation)

70. Henry Waltz (notation)

71. Jack Smith's Waltz, "Oritava" (notation)

72. The Onboard Waltz (notation)

73. Ernie Wells Swing Waltz (notation)

74. Bill Cooper's Waltz (notation)

75. Wangaratta Waltz (notation)

76. Wild Paddy (notation)

77. Teatree Waltz (notation)

78. Annie Shaw's Tune (notation)

79. Jack's Waltz (notation)