Harry Schultz's Waltz

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T:Harry Schultz's Waltz
% NFF Book 2015
S:collected from Les Schultz, Temora, NSW
S:John Meredith Collection, NLA
H:Les learned it from his father Harry who probably learned it from his Bavarian grandfather
N:Same tune as Harry Schaefers Waltz
B:J Meredith, R Covell, & P Brown, Folk Songs of Australia Vol 2, UNSW Press, 1987, p249, ISBN 0 86840 018 1
O:Australia, NSW, Temora
Bc|"G"dBd2g2|"D7"f4 (3efe|"G"d6|B4 (3dBd|"D7"c2A2B2|c4e2|"G"d2B2c2|"D7"d4B2|
"G"dBd2g2|"D7"f4 (3efe|"G"d6|B4d2|"Em"g2f2g2|"C"e2a2g2|"D7"f2e2 (3fef|"G"g4 (3ded|
"Em"g2f2e2|"C"e4f2|"G"e2d2B2|d4 (3BdB|"D7"d2c2c2|c4e2|"G"c2B2B2|B4d2|
"Em"g2f2e2|"C"e4f2|"G"e2d2B2|d4 (3BdB|"D7"d2c2B2|d2c2A2|"G"A2G2G2|G4||

Harry Schultz's Waltz - played by Greg O'Leary

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