Jack Canny's Reel

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T:Jack Canny's Reel
% NFF Book 2008
S:collected from Jack Canny, Canberra, ACT
S:collected by Brad Tate
N:Jack Canney was an Irishman from Clare who lived in Canberra for most
N:of his life. At age 20 (1933?) Jack was all Irish bicycle champion over 1000m.
N:His brother Paddy was all Irish fiddle champion in 1953
B:Brad Tate, "Down & Outback", Popinjay, p72, 1988
O:Australia, ACT, Canberra
|:"Am"e2a2ef ed|e2a2e3d|c2d2"D"e2f2|"C"g2ag "Am"e2d2|
"Am"e2a2ef ed|e2a2e3d|c2A2 "Em"BA G2|"Am"A4-A4:|
|:"Am"AB AG E2G2|c2d2e3d|c2A2 "Em"B2G2|"Am"AB AG E2G2|
"Am"AB AG E2A2|c2d2e3d|c2A2"Em"BA G2|"Am"A4-A4:|

Jack Canny's Reel - played by Greg O'Leary

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