Joe Yates' Varsoviana No 1

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T:Joe Yates' Varsoviana No 1
T:Freemantle Station
% NFF Book 2006
S:collected from Joe Yates, Sofala, NSW
S:collected by Mike Martin
B:Mike Martin, "Collected Tunes From Joe Yates", 1999, p12
N:Joe Yates generally did not have any names for his tunes and those in
N:Mike Martin's book were assigned by Martin.
N:Joe Yates was also collected by a number of others including:
N:- John Meredith Collection, NLA, see FSA Vol 2, p178
N:- Chris Sullivan, Mark Rummery, Barry Macdonald, Cath Ovenden
Z:converted to abc by John Furlonger
O:Australia, NSW, Sofala
D2|:"G"B>A G2 =F2|"C"E2z2E2|"Am"c>B A2 G2|"D"F4 D2|
"G"d>d B2 G2|"C"E4 (3ABA|"Am"G>F E2 F2|"G"G4 D2:|
"D7"D>E F2 D>E|F>G A2 (3DEF|G>A B2 G2|"G"d3z "C"c2|
E>c c2 c2|"G"D>B B2 B2|"D"D>A A2 A2|"G"G4 D2||
"D7"D>D "Am"E>E "D7"F>F|"C"G>G A>A B>B|"D"c>c B2 A2|"G"d3z "C"c2|
E>c c2  c2| "G"D>B B2 B2|"D"D>A A2 B2| "G"G6||

Joe Yates' Varsoviana No 1 - played by Greg O'Leary

Additional Information

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