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This rhythm is variously spelt as Varsoviana, Varsovianna, Varsouvienne, Varsoviena, or Varsovienna in the Australian collected music tradition. We have chosen to use the term Varsovienne on this site, aligning with common international usage.

"It is an unsolved mystery how Australia came to have so many unnamed varsoviana tunes. Every bush musician prides him or herself on being able to play one; some musicians, like Arthur [Foster], know a couple. Joe Yates was the prodigy who played a whole suite of them." ..... "Those that I have collected - about seventy-five at the time of writing, have been learned aurally from older musicians and, since most players either remember the names of their pieces or bestow new ones upon them, it seems that many of the varsovianas may have been improvised by the old bushmen." - John Meredith, Folk Songs of Australia, v.2, p 263 -