Heart and Soul of the Goanna

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T:Heart and Soul of the Goanna
T:Billy Dunn's Varsoviana
% NFF Book 2009
S:collected from Bill Painter
S:John Meredith Collection, NLA
H:Bill Painter learned it from an older player, Billy Dunn
N:Other versions collected in Australia from:
N:- Charlie Batchelor, Bingara, NSW, By Horton River Band as "Spanish Fandangle"
N:- Charlie Burgess, Tumbarumba, NSW, by John Meredith, as "Burgess Varsovienne"
N:- Bill Gilbert, Bega, NSW, by John Meredith as "Bill Gilbert's Varsoviana No.2"
N:- Errol Rodda, Pinnaroo, SA by John Meredith as "Errol Rodda's Varsovianna"
N:- Frank Creenaune, Gilgandra, NSW, by John Meredith, as "Father She Said"
N:- Bert Jamieson, Adaminaby, NSW, by John Meredith, as "Bert Jamiesons Varsoviana"
N:- Kurtz family, Mugdee, NSW, by John Meredith, as "Fred Holland's Varsovienne", aka "Johnny Hop-a-long"
N:- Alice Mahoney, Two Mile Flat, nr Gulgong, NSW, by John Meredith, as "Two Mile Flat"
N:- Neville Simpson, Nariel, Vic, by Peter Ellis, "Collector's Choice" v.1, p75, as "George Cadman's Varsoviana"
N:- Caroline Pratley, Kerrs Creek, NSW, April 1984, by John Meredith Collection, NLA Bib ID 645234; Folk Songs of Australia, Vol 2, p288
N:- Unknown source, by Brad Tate in "Down & Outback" p79, as "Such A Donkey"
F:- https://nla.gov.au/nla.obj-221471375/listen , ((Carolyn Pratley plays for John Meredith))
O:Australia, NSW, Limerick
|:B>c|"G"d2B2G2|g4d>e|"D7"f2e2d2|A4 A>B|A2F2G2|f4 f>e|d2c2F2|"G"G4:|
|:D>G|"G"B>A B2 D>G|B>A B2 D>G|B2c2d2|"D7"A2z2E>F|A>B A2 E>F|A>B A2 E>F|A2d2F2|"G"G4:|

Heart and Soul of the Goanna - played by Greg O'Leary

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