Pub With No Beer Varsovianna

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T:Pub With No Beer Varsovianna
% NFF Book 2016
S:collected from the Nariel Band
S:collected by Peter Ellis, 1982
H:This tune appeared in a booklet prepared by Peter Ellis and others, for the Binalong, NSW
H:Music Day, 10 Aug 1991.
H:"Music Makes Me Smile", p160, Pioneer Performer Series, contains a different B part, 
H:collected at a dance in Nariel, 1982. 
N:The original poem was written by Dan Sheehan in 1943, after staying at the Lees Hotel, Brisbane.
N:Beer was rationed to Pubs during WWII and American servicemen had drunk the Lees Hotel 
N:dry the previous night. The poem was rewritten by Gordon Parsons in 1956 and presented to 
N:Slim Dusty who recorded it in 1957. Slim Dusty based the tune on "Beautiful Dreamer" 
N:a tune composed by Stephen Foster about 1862. 

Pub With No Beer Varsovianna - played by Greg O'Leary

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