Joe Yates Schottische No 2

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T:Joe Yates Schottische No 2
% NFF Book 2009
S:collected from Joe Yates, Sofala, NSW
S:John Meredith Collection, NLA
Z:transcribed by Alan Musgrove
N:I used John Meredith's recording and I did not arrange anything.
N:The attribution then should read:
N:Collected by John Meredith; Transcribed by Alan Musgrove, Oct 07.
N:This indicates which particular version of the tune is the source and lets academics
N:know who the transcriber is.  Hope that clears it up.  Cheers.  Alan.
O:Australia, NSW, Sofala
B,>C|:"G"D2B>A "D7"G>F E>D|"G"B,2D2D2B,>C|D>E F>G "G7"A>G F>G|"C"F2E2E2A>B|1
c2{d}c>B A>G F>E|"D7"[F2A2][F2A2][F2A2]E2|D>E F>G A>G F>E|"G"D2D>E "D7"D>C B,>C :|2
"C"c2e>c "G"B2d>B|"D7"A>B c>A "G"G>A B>c|"D7"d>e d>B c>A F>A|"G"G2G2G2B>c||
|:"G"d2d>e "D7"d>c B>c|"G"d2d2d2g>a-|"Em"b2b2b>a g>a|"G"b2b2b2B>c|1
d2d>e "D7"d>c B>c|"G"d2d2d2F>G-|"D7"A2A>B A>G F>G-|A2A2A2B>c:|2
"C"e2f>g"D7"a2g>(a|"G"b>a) g>e "D7"d>c B>c|"G"d>e d>B "D7"c>A F>A|"G"G2{A}G2G2||

Joe Yates Schottische No 2 - played by Greg O'Leary

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