Within A Mile

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T:Within A Mile
S:from the playing of Daisy Sutton, Wedderburn, Vic
S:collected by John Meredith
Z:transcribed by Alan Musgrove
N:This tune may be based on a tune by C17th composer, Henry Purcel (1659-1695)
N:Older versions of this tune
N:-  Henry Atkinson MS, No 165, (1694) as "Within a Furlong of Edenborrow Town"
N:-  J.McFayden, Glasgow, "Aird's", v.4 No 677, (1782) as "Within a Mile of Edinbrough"
N:-  John Buttrey MS, poss. Lincolnshire, early C19th, as "Its Within a Mile of Edinbrough"
N:- "Edinburgh Repository of Music" v.1 p.10 #2 as "Twas Within a Mile of Edinbrough"
N:-  Hamilton's Universal Tunebook, No 21633, (1846) as "Twas Within a Mle of Edinbrough Town"
N:-  James Kerr "Merry Melodies" v.2 p.24 #212, (c.1880)
N:- "Caledonian Musical Repository", 1811, p.74-76, as "WITHIN A MILE OF EDINBURGH"
N:-  VMP, J.Clews MS, No 34, (1832) as "Within a Mile of Edenburgh"
N:-  VMP, R.Dalton MS, No 26, (1841), as "Within a Mile of Edinbrough"
N:-  VMP, Joshua Gibbons MS, No 176, (1823) as "Edinbrough Town"
N:-  VMP, Rev R Harrison MS, No 475, (c.1815) as "Within a Mile of Edinburgh"
N:-  VMP, Edward Holmes MS, No 376, (c.1846) as ""Within a Mile of Edenborurohe"
N:-  VMP, J.Jones MS, No 16, (1801) as "I was within a mile of Edenburgh Town"
N:-  VMP, Wm Litton MS, No 104, (1802) as "Within a Mile of Edenbrow Town"
N:-  VMP, J.Roose MS, No 498, (1850) as "'Twas within a mile of Edinburgh Town"
N:-  VMP, C.J.Surtees MS, No 5, (1819) as "Within a Mile of Edinburgh"
N:-  VMP, Lionel Winship MS, N0 151, (1833) as "Within a mile of Edinburgh"
B>c|"G"d<B A>BG2B>G|"C"E<G D>B,"G"D2G>A|"G"B<d "C"e>g "G"d<B A>G|"D7"B2A2A2B>c|
"G"d<B A>BG2B>G|"C"E<G D>B,"G"D2G>A | "G"B<d "C"e>g "G"d<B "D7"A>B|"G"G2B2G2D2||
|:"G"G>A B>c d<Bg2|"G"G>A B>c d<Bg2|"G"G>A "C"G>E "G"D<B, D>G|1"G"B<G B>d"C"e2g2:|2"G"B<d "D7"A>B "G"G4 |]

Within A Mile - played by Ray Mulligan

Additional Information

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